Past research topics

Rethinking Integration

This issue of the Technology Forecast examines the perennial challenge of systems integration, asking and answering the question, “What can leading Internet companies teach the rest of us about integrating at scale?”

The future of enterprise apps

This issue of the Technology Forecast examines the future of enterprise applications. Our starting assumption was that many high-value “business activities” are actually cognitively challenging mental processes, not unlike chess.


This issue of the Technology Forecast quarterly investigates how web-based companies maintain continuity amid continuous changes to production systems and explores what large enterprises can learn from them.

Internet of Things

This issue of the Technology Forecast examines the impact of Internet of Things trends on businesses and the IT organization. It analyzes how businesses now have the ability to continue the relationship with customers after the sales transaction by helping them achieve the goals for which they buy the products.

Game-based Design

This issue of the Technology Forecast examines the wide range of video game design techniques that can be used in non-game environments for business benefit.

The business value of API's

This issue of the Technology Forecast examines how enterprises can engage with the challenges and opportunities stemming from SMAC (social computing, mobile computing, analytics and cloud computing) trends by scaling integrations and participating in expanding digital ecosystems.

Reshaping the workforce with the new analytics

This edition of Technology Forecast explores the impact of the new analytics and a culture of inquiry enterprises can foster with the help of emerging data analysis tools and services.

Building sustainable companies

This edition of Technology Forecast explores how sustainability measures—increasingly a key measure of value in the marketplace—can and should be embedded in an enterprise’s systems, processes and technology.

Transforming collaboration with social tools: PwC

PwC’s Tech Forecast offers insights for CIOs on opportunities and challenges for companies considering implementation of cloud computing.

Decoding Innovation's DNA

In this report we look at enterprise innovation and the role of information technology. Is innovation the result of inscrutable, opaque genius, or can innovation be treated as an end-to-end process subject to performance optimization by adopting proven methods and systems? Read on for the answer.

Technology Forecast: 2011, Issue 1

The current generation of smart handhelds implies more opportunities for enterprises than might be obvious. In the always-on, post-PC era, early adopters are using their phones and tablets to become an integrated part of the information landscape. So how do CIOs turn a consumer trend in smart handhelds to their enterprise’s long-term advantage? The first step is to understand how the workforce is changing.

Technology Forecast: 2010, Issue 4

PwC’s Tech Forecast offers insights for CIOs on opportunities and challenges for companies considering implementation of cloud computing.

Technology Forecast: 2010, Issue 3

What are the techniques behind low-cost distributed computing that have led companies to explore more of their data in new ways? Here we review the most effective ideas.

Technology Forecast: 2010, Issue 2

In this issue we examine the yin and yang of structured or repeatable work processes and versatile or variable human processes. For every "yang" in the business, there are probably two "yins"—the more variable, responsive, creative, analytic, and insightful activities that heavily rely on the versatility of employees’ efforts.

Technology Forecast: 2010, Issue 1

Modeling and simulation from an architectural and transformation standpoint are the focus of this edition. We also explore how CIOs can have more of an impact on transformation efforts by anticipating and harnessing the power of complex adaptive system models, as an adjunct to the modeling efforts of the IT department.

Technology Forecast: Summer 09

What are the technology trends in Evergreen IT and cloud computing? Flexibility and lower costs? Automated IT operations? Agile data centers and IT infrastructures? Yes to all of the above. Here we examine these trends with a good dose of insight on how your organization can make the best of the latest technology available.

Technology Forecast: Spring 09

Linked data technology can change the business of enterprise data management. Here, we offer in-depth scenarios that portray just how linked data technology can help you achieve your own business goals.

Technology forecast: Winter 09

The emerging capabilities of business management applications are crucial to closing the gap between strategy and operations in pursuit of agility. What is the future of enterprise applications and what will be their role in creating a foundation for agility in an era of accelerating change?

Technology forecast: Fall 08

In scores of conversations with business and technology executives, it has become evident to PwC that many apparently unrelated initiatives share a common challenge: to manage them in an era of continuous change without tearing the organization apart by lurching from one initiative or crisis to the next. This issue of the Technology Forecast describes how.