Technology forecast: Fall 2008

Enterprise Architecture for Agility

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In this issue of the Technology Forecast, we examine the yin yang of structured or repeatable work processes and versatile or variable human processes.
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Our annual enterprise architecture issue, we look at modeling and simulation from an architectural and transformation standpoint.
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Message from the editor
Paul Horowitz
The current financial crisis does have an upside-we're gaining a renewed understanding of where the risk really lies.
Modeling value and agility
New management tools provide a means for anticipating market changes, assessing their end-to-end impact, and determining the necessity of an agile response.
Ready, fire, aim
The emerging capabilities of these applications are crucial to closing the gap between strategy and operations in pursuit of agility.
How to hit a moving target
Constant change requires a business agility model—a method of evaluating your options for the next market disruption.
Lead, follow, or get out of the way: Why the CIO should own agility initiatives
CIOs must be more strategic. Agility is what they should be strategic for.
This issue's interviewees
Business value model interviews
Companies at the leading edge explore the business value model concept.
Agility interviews
The pursuit of agility is a challenge in part because it is about change.
CIO interviews
CIOs are used to change. Does this mean they’re ready this time?