Post-transaction relationship

The post-transaction relationship reinvents the engagement with customers. By taking advantage of the digitization of consumption and the ability to augment the experience, it reaches beyond the sales transaction and focuses on helping customers achieve the personal goals they buy the products for.

Digitization of consumption

Digitizing the information about how products and services are consumed or used by embedding connected sensors in products. The availability of small and less expensive sensors and the ease of embedding networking capabilities is making it possible to digitize consumption of any and every product from toothbrushes to cars to roadways.

Augmented experience

Enhancing the experience of using the product so that it empowers the customers to achieve their goals more effectively than they could on their own. By creating seamlessness between the physical and digital spaces, businesses create a real-time feedback loop between the context of consumer actions and the progress toward their personal goals.

Thing stack

A technology stack that enables any device to be part of the Internet of Things is composed of three layers: sensors, networking and computing platform, and service platforms. Together they enable the digitization of consumption and augment the experience.