Consumerization of APIs (application programming interfaces)

The combination of trends where software manipulable interfaces (APIs) are becoming open and ubiquitous, as well as the democratization of the ability to create, expose, and consume these interfaces (beyond software and digital native enterprises).

Digital operating model

An operating model that combines the following: instrumentation to digitize operations, modular capabilities in a loosely coupled architecture, and platforms addressable via open interfaces; all coming together to create the ability to scale integrations in a digital ecosystem.

Permeable enterprise

An enterprise that uses a digital operating model to enable co-creation of new value by allowing internal capabilities to reach outside and interact with external apabilities, as well as permitting external innovators to reach into the enterprise to tap into its capabilities.

API management platform

Emerging solutions that package tools, methods, and services that help enterprises create, publish, manage, operate, and analyze APIs, thereby enabling them to pursue a digital operating model and the vision of a permeable enterprise.

SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud)

An acronym to evoke the disruption and potential from the confluence of the trends of social networking, mobile computing, analytics, cloud computing, and other emerging trends that take advantage of them, such as the Internet of Things.