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Industry perspectives

During the preparation of this publication, we benefited greatly from interviews and conversations with the following executives:

Jans Aasman, President and CEO, Franz

Sriram Chakravarthy, Director, Product Strategy and Development, TIBCO

Ryan Damico, Co-founder and CEO, Crocodoc

Keith Griffin, Lead Architect, Enterprise Collaboration Platform, Cisco Systems

Bill Guinn, CTO, Amdocs

Natalie Hanson, Senior Director, Strategic Programs and User Experience Consulting, SAP

Dick Hirsch, Senior Consultant, Siemens IT Services and Solutions

Bill Hopkins, Director of Operations, Egon Zehnder International

Sheldon Laube, Chief Innovation Officer, PwC

Nina Llorens, Program Manager, Strategic Programs and User Experience Knowledge Management Competency Center, SAP

Jack Miller, Global Vice President, Collaboration and Cloud Analytics, SAP

Rick Napolitano, CIO, ARINC

Tony O’Driscoll, Executive Director, Center for Technology, Entertainment and Media Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

Sameer Patel, Partner, Sovos Group Solutions

Holly Simmons, Senior Director, Marketing, SAP

Tim Young, CEO and Founder, Socialcast