Technology Forecast: 2011 Issue 3

Transforming collaboration with social tools
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  Decoding Innovation DNA
Transforming collaboration with social tools

Technology Forecast: Transforming collaboration with social tools explores how to confront communications overload and boost collaboration potential by making best use of the new powerful social tools. Business is inherently social, which is why collaboration and communications that scale are so fundamental.

Introductory video


Reducing information overload with social tools

The Navigational phase of online information is just now emerging. Within three to five years, finding more of the information we need--not to mention opportunities for more effective collaboration--will become possible. Social tools will help.


The collaboration paradox
More social information helps the workforce find what it’s looking for.
Enterprise success with emerging social technology
Innovators are learning to build graphs to help users locate the information they need—and each other.
The CIO’s role in social enterprise strategy
Transforming collaboration demands an evolutionary approach.