Innovation Innovation is value-creating novelty, so a new product, process, or service that creates value for the business. Innovation can be incremental, substantial, or radical.
Idea to cash The end-to-end process spanning the life cycle of an innovation, beginning with an idea and resulting in commercial impact on the enterprise.
Problem solving Key activities all along the innovation life cycle that result in inventions that move the idea-to-cash process forward.
Idea management
Software to manage the discovery, incubation, acceleration, and scaling of ideas to create commercial value. They support a disciplined approach to managing the innovation life cycle and surfacing metrics to manage the flow and outcomes of the idea-to-cash process.
Solution identification
Software that helps systematize the invention activities of the innovation life cycle. They combine structured problem-solving methodologies (such as the TRIZ family of approaches) and semantic search and knowledge management techniques that support problem solving.