Technology Forecast : 2011, Issue 1 download

July 2008
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Technology Forecast : 2011, Issue 1 download

At a glance

In a world of divergent choices, new capabilities, and a more mobile-sensitive Web, control has a big downside. It kills innovation. Smart handhelds imply more opportunities for enterprises than might be obvious at first glance.

What makes today’s divergence even more important, though, is its cybernetic quality. It’s the commingling of the human adjustment to engaging with information everywhere, at any time, with anyone, and the rapid innovation in mobile computing devices.

This issue of the Technology Forecast examines the underpinnings of these twin disruptions in the business world. It suggests that companies that are stuck in control mode are being penny-wise and pound-foolish. The opportunity here isn’t just to give the digital natives the shiny new gizmo they’ve been craving.