Extensible enterprise An enterprise that uses cloud computing to extend its capabilties to ecosystem partners to drive growth. It represents the transition from the slow, one-off ecosystem partnering and customer acquisition processes of the pre-cloud era to the massively scalable partnering, service delivery, and customer acquisition made possible by the cloud.
Versatile processes Processes provisioned in the cloud in a manner that supports the broadest range of use cases, and hence the broadest set of ecosystem collaborators. These processes use modular services with standard interfaces and can be scaled on demand.
Ecosystem integration The ability to combine capabilities provisioned in the cloud between different ecosystem participants for creating end-customer value. A cloud architecture allows such integrations to be provisioned on demand and at a substantially lower cost and in a shorter time.
Security virtualization Making security independent of the underlying IT infrastructure and the collection of applications or services, such that security can be provisioned and managed on demand by policies.
Network of business platforms When enterprises put platforms of services in the cloud and connect to other cloud-based platforms, they are building a “network of business platforms.” It is a many-to-many-to-many architecture where linking among platforms is theoretically unlimited.