Technology Forecast: 2010 Issue 4

Technology Forecast

Driving growth with
cloud computing

2010, Issue 4


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Message from the editor

Driving growth with cloud computing
In this issue of the Technology Forecast, we are asking our readers to look beyond all the excitement that cloud computing is creating as a change agent for cheaper and better IT.


Tapping into the power of Big Data The cloud you don’t know: An engine for new business growth
Cloud computing can unlock latent value in your key internal capabilities and processes by enabling the extensible enterprise.
Smart digital assets Making the extensible enterprise a reality
The CIO should help identify new cloud-based business opportunities and deliver the network of business platforms to support them.
CIO can mean more than a transaction wizard How CFOs should audit the cloud balance sheet
Cloud computing offers CFOs new opportunities to help the enterprise grow, but presents new challenges around governance, risk, and compliance.




Mike Capone Ecosystem integration: A cloud challenge and opportunity
Mike Capone and Jan Siegmund of ADP discuss the importance of integration among ecosystem partners in creating end-customer value.
Adam Selipsky Modular services drive value in the cloud
Adam Selipsky of Amazon Web Serivices describes the origins of AWS and the role modular services play in a cloud-oriented business model.
Sanjay Mirchandani Using cloud computing to build an enterprise asset
Sanjay Mirchandani of EMC Corporation shares how cloud computing is changing the conversation with the business and can deliver a long-term strategic impact.
Jaushin Lee Virtualizing security
Jaushin Lee and Andrew Wahl of Imera Systems share how virtualization of security can lead to on-demand provisioning of deep integration among ecosystem participants.
Gary Hagmueller Cloud opportunity and risks
Gary Hagmueller of Zuora details the company’s journey to create a billing service in the cloud.