Smart digital assets: Catalyst for end-to-end process management

A sampler of business process management solutions

Business process management systems (BPMS) are used to model and execute business processes. Today, BPMS are typically used for standardized, repeatable workflow management, including the automation of digital paperwork routing in applications such as invoice approval and loan document verification. Their deployment has been limited to applications close to the transactional environment. As a result, most implementations are not extended far enough to incorporate variable human activity.

Dr. M. A. Ketabchi, president and CEO of BPMS vendor Savvion, suggests that BPMS solutions represent a new class of applications he calls process applications. These applications complement transactional as well as collaboration and other applications. For more on BPMS and process applications, see the conversation with Dr. Ketabchi.

Intalio|Cloud BPM: The Intalio|Cloud BPM Enterprise Edition, built around the standardsbased BPMN Modeler and BPEL Engine, has two components: Intalio|Designer for code generation and import, and Intalio|Server, a high-performance process engine. Add-ons are available for business activity monitoring, business rules management, and enterprise content management.

Metastorm BPM: This business process modeling product has modules for creating graphical models of business processes, and for integration between business processes and the applications and databases that support them. There are also dashboards and user interface options, as well as monitoring and reporting tools.

Oracle BPM Suite: This suite consists of five products for business process management for collaboration and development. A full complement of features include role-based access, Really Simple Syndication (RSS) notification, a comprehensive dashboard, and a scalable server. The suite also covers process management, business activity monitoring, business rules, and a Web center suite.

SAP NetWeaver BPM: SAP’s approach to business process management is concentrated in its NetWeaver BPM tool, which includes components for modeling, executing, and monitoring business processes based on a common process model.

Savvion BusinessManager: Savvion BusinessManager consists of a process modeling tool to map and analyze business processes and simulate results, a version-controlled repository for sharing ideas, a development environment, a set of Java-based engines that manage the running of process applications, and an online task management and monitoring system.