Smart digital assets: Catalyst for end-to-end process management

A sampler of collaboration and content management solutions

Collaboration and content management systems (CCMS) support a large set of human-driven activities and include capabilities to create and manage the digital assets that result from those activities. When augmented with metadata, business and process logic, and even analytics, these systems can do much more. At most enterprises, CCMS solutions are siloed: they are deployed to support the specific need for content management or the collaboration of a team.

EMC Documentum: EMC Documentum is a content management offering that spans the life cycle of content from creation to disposal. It also includes capabilities for collaboration and storage. Many options are available to manage the assets in a distributed environment and to use them in workflow.

IBM Lotus Connections and Quickr: Connections connects the networks and knowledge of co-workers, partners, and customers. Its portal site aggregates information, while its task management tool helps groups work. Other features include a blogging, social bookmarking, content library, wiki, and micro-blogs. Quickr helps teams share content; it offers libraries, online places for projects and teams, prebuilt templates, and personal file sharing.

Microsoft SharePoint Server: SharePoint allows users to create their own collaborative workspaces and coordinate teamwork using shared calendars and alerts. Communication with team members occurs via presence and instant messaging (IM). Document workspaces streamline the document creation process, while improved communication helps streamline people-driven processes.

Novell Teaming: This platform focuses on social networking within the enterprise. It allows the quick formation of workspaces for sharing knowledge through a built-in workgroup feature. It includes an automated review process that makes work immediately visible for feedback and revision.

Open Text ECM Suite: This content management system allows management and collaboration on business documents, Web content, images, audio, video, e-mail, forms, and reports. It fosters collaboration through community workspaces, forums, blogs, wikis, and IM.

Oracle Beehive: An integrated set of collaboration services built on Oracle’s centrally managed collaboration platform, Oracle Beehive enables users to access information in a central repository using features such as version tracking and check-in/ checkout. It includes workspaces, mobile access, presence, conferencing, voice mail, IM, and telephony to foster collaboration on documents, e-mail, wikis, calendars, and tasks.