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Doing business in the United States
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Shifting IRS enforcement strategies

Shifting IRS enforcement strategies; US inbound take note
US inbound take note

US Inbound Tax

What makes non-US based MNCs and their US subsidiaries different?

Multinationals either with or considering investments in the United States find themselves in a distinct position facing unique opportunities and challenges due to the US regulatory environment, as well as their core business and structure.

Certain US tax rules and procedures, although applicable to all taxpayers, may be more relevant to non-US based MNCs and their US subsidiaries and there are also special US tax rules that apply to these inbound investors. Failure to address properly the multitude of issues could result in a tax strategy that is less than optimal. More importantly, these tax issues create opportunities to be more effective and efficient.

Navigating and balancing priorities

Along with navigating the complex US tax environment, non-US companies have to balance priorities; operations—everything from communication, management to decision making processes; cultural and environmental pressures—different than those of their US-based peers.

In today’s world where tax scrutiny is everywhere from the public domain to the boardroom, dealing with these issues is more critical for non-US based MNCs than ever.

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2016 calendar of events for US subsidiaries of global companies
(hosted by PwC and OFII)

1/7/16 Philadelphia roundtable
1/27/16 NY roundtable
2/9/16 Calgary roundtable
3/3/16 NY event for CFOs
3/15/16 Detroit roundtable
3/30/16 Greensboro roundtable
3/31/16 Dallas roundtable
5/3/16 Atlanta roundtable
6/19/16 SelectUSA
6/23/16 New Jersey roundtable
6/28/16 Boston roundtable
7/22/16 NY metro morning sessions
9/6/16 Tax Tuesdays: NJ
9/14/16 NY roundtable
9/15/16 CFO event
9/25/16 IFA
10/20/16 Houston roundtable
11/8/16 Tax Tuesdays: NY
1/3/17 Tax Tuesdays: NJ
3/7/17 Tax Tuesdays: NY
5/2/17 Tax Tuesdays: NJ

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