International Tax Services: Post-deal services

Is your company contemplating undergoing a merger or a reorganization or considering making an acquisition or disposition of a business unit?

A company undergoing a strategic transition (e.g., merger, acquisition, reorganization, divestiture) risks losing value and control. The chaos surrounding the transition often impedes a company’s ability to simultaneously focus on maintaining current operations, realizing valuable deal synergies, and achieving timely integration.

Without a clear and comprehensive approach and the resources to achieve these strategic priorities, the company could miss unique opportunities, hinder transition efforts, and create unnecessary and potentially serious risks.

Opportunity: Managing the transition to realize deal synergies

PwC's Post-Deal Services group can help your company identify and analyze the potential tax effects of a strategic transition during the planning and implementation stages of a deal, thereby letting you focus on the business opportunities, barriers, and risks associated with the transition. Analysis of the business transaction and your company’s business strategy should enable us to offer suggestions on how to improve your company’s tax positions, create long-term efficiencies and tax cost savings.

In addition, we may be able to help you manage the risk of value leakage from process disruption to current operations. To learn more about all the post-deal services we offer, please contact one of our ITS professionals.