September 2011

This Month in M&A

This Month's Features:

  • Recent PLR allows section 351 treatment despite prearranged stock transfer (PLR 201133006)
  • Final section 381 regulations address accounting methods (T.D. 9534)
  • Spin-off ruled tax-free even though section 355(b)(2)(D) may not have been satisfied (PLR 201133003)
  • Section 355 monetization transaction (PLR 201132009)
  • Controlled, rather than Distributing, deemed to borrow funds in a D/355 spin-off (PLR 201132010)
  • Check-the-box election converting a corporation to a partnership triggers a section 165(g) deduction (AM2011-003)
  • Dual consolidated loss allowed to offset taxable income in the current year (AM2011-002)
  • RBIL in excess of the section 382 limitation disallowed for purposes of section 382(h)(4) (ILM 201132022)

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