PwC US and Microsoft Corp.

Companies are moving away from shared drives and implementing "automated workflow" into their tax function. This creates significant efficiencies and reduces risk. They're turning to management solutions with technology that improves data collection, increases their view into what's going on in tax across the globe, and integrates all of the different tools they're using.

PwC US has an exciting new tax collaboration with Microsoft. We’ve made a big investment and extended the functionality of core Microsoft technology to develop a custom configuration of SharePoint™, which helps companies manage the day-to-day operations of their tax organization.

We call it Tax Operations Manager, and its different from any third-party tool on the market right now. It provides:

  • Enterprise-wide collaboration on tax matters
  • Improved efficiency and reduced risk through document management and data collection, automated workflow, and management insight features
  • Central hub view into global tax operations
  • The opportunity to integrate third-party technology tools
  • Better leverage of a company’s IT investment for the tax function