Tax reporting performance improvement

Tax departments are being asked to do more with either flat or fewer resources in an environment where there’s no room for error. At the same time, they are expected to think more broadly about how to better align the tax function to the company’s business strategy and free up time to focus on planning.

What we're hearing from tax leaders

  • What steps should we be taking to get tax better aligned with the broader business strategy?
  • Are we getting the most out of our people process, data and technology in tax?
  • How can we reduce risk and be more efficient in managing day-to-day global tax operations?
  • How can we reduce the risk of significant deficiencies or weaknesses in the tax accounts?
  • How can we use technology to gain better control over tax data and free up time for strategic planning?
  • How can we improve access to data and up front collection of information, analysis and forecasting?

Add strategy, subtract risk in your company's tax department

Shining a light on the tax group can reveal untapped opportunities where changes in technology, process, people, and data can lead to benefits for the broader business.

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