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Asset Management & Real Estate TaxRedesign, redefine, and redeploy tax to be a strategic business asset.

Today’s tax departments are changing, and more than ever, asset managers and real estate professionals are placing importance on bringing value to the tax function.

Successful tax departments of tomorrow will broaden their focus beyond compliance to include managing complexity and mitigating risk, leveraging technology to bring data, documents and workflow together. The result? Tax professionals will spend more time on strategic analysis, while their companies continue to evolve and succeed by understanding and implementing areas for growth. That’s where PwC can help.

Through PwC’s proprietary technology and our benchmarking and tax effectiveness studies, we’re helping leading asset managers and real estate professionals focus on what matters: adding value and growing their business.

Better information and results

Say goodbye to bad data

TRACK™, our enhanced end-to-end asset management tax technology platform, takes reporting information and moves it into a data-enabled environment, allowing efficient reporting, increased transparency, and access to a wealth of information.

Unlocking the power of data

TRACK Insights™
See tax from a different angle

TRACK Insights™ is our revolutionary new tool that uses tax reporting data to drive better business decisions. Use this tool to generate interactive visualizations that can enhance investor reporting and help you better manage your organization’s after-tax returns.

Gain the value of insight

PwC’s Benchmarking Insights series offers perspectives and analysis of industrywide issues, trends and performance. Asset management and real estate investment firms can use exclusive qualitative and quantitative benchmarking metrics to identify and probe critical issues in their operations and organizations.

Watch our video

PwC’s TRACK Insights™ -- unlocking the power of data and turning tax into a strategic business asset.

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