PwC-eLKE combines the comprehensive tax capabilities of PwC with a technology solution that automates the administrative processes needed to satisfy the stringent IRS’s stringent LKE requirements.

PwC-eLKE is a Web-based solution designed to accept periodic information feeds from the client's system. Companies use the Web interface to upload extract files containing data relevant to asset dispositions and acquisitions; processing takes place at our Dallas-based eBusiness Center processing facility.

The LKE system automates the matching process using matching algorithms that provide for gain deferral utilizing multiple asset matching and a "deferred gain trigger" combined with an analysis of oldest eligible property. PwC-eLKE then generates reports to satisfy IRS reporting and compliance requirements; these are available through the Web interface.

PwC has developed a flexible structure for eLKE to accommodate a variety of client concerns. We have customized eLKE to meet client requests, such as the ability to use equipment sales proceeds to pay down credit arrangements or purchase new property, an approach that can significantly reduce the funds held by the qualified intermediary (QI); and providing methods for determining if property will be sold as inventory or rented at the time it is acquired.

For more information about PwC-eLKE, please call +1 (877) 479 4882, email our team or contact one of our product leaders listed above.

To tour the system, please call us at +1 (877) 479 2882 to receive a username and password.