Tax Projects Delivery Group (TPDG)

Many organizations today are working to strengthen their balance sheets and “get back to basics." That’s when the twin issues of accuracy and real-time knowledge come to the fore. Many key tax department operations - managing fixed assets , selecting appropriate accounting methods , global information reporting and/or tax credits - can be formidably time-consuming and complex, not to mention frequently scrutinized by state and federal authorities.
PwC's Tax Projects Delivery Group (TPDG), a diversified practice with deep experience in key federal tax areas, is ready to work with you and your tax staff to identify qualifying cash tax savings and refund opportunities, gauge the impact of deductions and credits on the effective tax rate, and match proven solutions to complex areas of taxation, including but not limited to like-kind exchanges and transaction costs analysis . Working together, your tax staff and the PwC team can achieve results that include improved year-to-year consistency in the tax function and filings that leave you in full compliance and your treasury more robust.