A strategic view of supply chain integrity

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Operational integrity: dot

Reliability of end product sold as well as the ability to identify and remedy problems that may arise anywhere from source to shelf. Issues include product recall, safety, traceability, and consumer perception.

Core processes, from ideation and R&D through distribution and logistics, and associated service requirements

The mutual business case for transacting parties captured in the contractual arrangement

Reputational integrity: dot

Social and labor
Practices and standards address the impact on the health and welfare of farm and factory workers and surrounding communities.

Practices and standards address the importance of environmental preservation through safe handling of hazardous materials, responsible sourcing, and carbon footprint management in distribution and logistics.

Practices and standards include compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as overall processes by which to monitor and enforce business partners’ commitments. Issues include bribery and corruption, export/import compliance, and conflicts of interest.