Payroll, Employment Tax, and Nonresident Audit Defense

In today’s corporate environment, payroll processing has become a complex, fairly scrutinized function for most companies. As a result, there are potential risks and exposures that are critical for companies to be aware of in this ever-changing environment. In addition, mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, and workforce relocations creates an environment for employment tax issues/opportunities. However, lack of tax department resources and general inattention to employment tax matters have resulted in federal, state, and local employment tax audits/exposure and missed refund opportunities.

We can assist employers who are undergoing payroll transitions and integrations by identifying strengths and weaknesses in their payroll processes and working to reduce risks/costs and improve overall effectiveness/efficiency. Our professionals have considerable experience working with employers undergoing any type of change impacting HR/Payroll.

Additionally, we offer assistance with individual federal, state, and local audit defense. Many of our professionals are former tax auditors, tax attorneys and supervisors who have the knowledge, know how and professional insights to achieve successful results on these audits. As a result, our team has one of the most successful records of accomplishment in the country on the New York, as well as other states, withholding and non-resident personal income tax audits.