Credits and incentives

Helping you take advantage of tax credit opportunities.


You should be getting more out of your credits and incentives program. It’s more than just the right people with the right skills. It’s more than a process that uncovers credits opportunities while minimizing disruption to your teams. It’s about bringing those key elements together with an industry-changing technology that provides you the information, analysis, tracking, communications, and updates that enable a proactive, value-added C&I program.

We can help you with:

  • Identifying federal and state tax credits and incentives that apply to your industry and your specific business
  • Global incentives that apply to your industry and your specific business
  • Quantifying and qualifying the potential opportunities among the options available to your organization
  • Putting together fully documented files and agreements to assist your company in realizing the value of credits
  • Developing and implement creative negotiating strategies
  • Increasing your eligible tax credits and economic incentives based on a payroll data analysis

Delivering more value through enabling technology

PwC’s proprietary technology, CenterPOINT, provides a one-stop shop for information regarding your tax credits and incentives.

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Comprehensive view

Platform is single access point to all credits and incentives applications, deliverables, workflow, alerts, messages, etc.


Scalable, flexible approach that aligns with your business as your credits & incentives needs change

Customized dashboard

View can be tailored to users – from management to functional to store level

Simplified data management with real-time reporting

Real-time and customized reporting with the information you need when you need it

Alerts for open items

Reduce chances of missing deadlines or missing documentation with alerts

Improved communication

Real-time messages and information sharing all in one place to improve communications between PwC and you and among your functional groups and various stakeholders

Latest news on credits & incentives developments

Insight to help you uncover credits and potential opportunities arising from changing tax legislation

Data security

100% work and data maintained on shore. PwC data security level protection