Business continuity

Business continuity has rejoined the ranks of top business risks due to an increase in natural disasters, man-made disruptions, and biological / geo-political events. Further, rapidly evolving business strategies require that emergency response, crisis management, business continuity, disaster recovery plans adapt timely. Business continuity management functions need to address the effects of increased business process automation, financial distress, workforce reductions, business combinations and divestitures, increasing reliance on outsourcing, highly efficient and vulnerable supply chains, increased regulation, and a general risk management awareness that links continuity planning to operational resiliency.

PwC can help you:
  • Reduce the impact of a business interruption
  • Assess, design, implement and test your business continuity management programs and plans
  • Align business continuity management to support business strategy
  • Understand and plan for the new voluntary private sector preparedness program currently being established by the federal government
  • Protect reputation and brand value
10Minutes on business continuity management 10Minutes on business continuity management
The best disaster survival manual may be obsolete if it doesn’t anticipate major disruptions to the supply chain or at outsourced operations. As a result, business continuity management programs are being designed to continually assess—as well as counter—risks stemming from the interdependencies integral to running a business.