Federal Regulatory Assurance

Companies doing business with the Federal Government face a shifting landscape of IT legislation, regulation and controls – and compliance is mandatory

Navigating this maze can be complicated and time-consuming. But done correctly, it can open the way to significant business for your company. PwC can help you reap those rewards.

More and more, the government is turning to commercial business partners for critical mission and operations support. The opportunity is big, but heightened regulatory and security requirements must be fully understood-and met. And right now, many companies interested in federal business are unfamiliar with these requirements.

“PwC delivers FISMA readiness, assessment, and audit services to major Federal agencies and large multinational companies, including cloud service providers.”

Henry Kramer, Federal Regulatory Assurance Leader

Case study

How we helped a software company achieve compliance and gain business opportunities

A large software company identified the public-sector as a significant business opportunity for its cloud-based solutions. Having never previously contemplated federal information security requirements, the company sought assistance in evaluating its current control posture against FISMA and FedRAMP requirements and in identifying a prioritized list of gaps where remediation was necessary to meet the federal requirements. The company also had active requests for proposal from prospective customers and needed to achieve compliance quickly.

What we did:

PwC designed a readiness program that began with performing a gap analysis between the company’s integrated controls framework and the FISMA and FedRAMP requirements. Following readiness, PwC helped the software company identify ways to remediate gaps, create necessary federal documentation, prepare for an audit, and design a sustainable integrated controls framework. As new federal customers were identified, the company engaged PwC to perform individual gap analyses between the customer’s requested controls and the software company’s controls framework.

The result:
  • The software company achieved baseline FISMA and FedRAMP compliance, enabling them to effectively enter the public sector marketplace and take advantage of subsequent business opportunities. In addition, the company was able to:
  • More flexibly manage the increased requirements of individual federal agencies through an integrated compliance framework
  • Reduce response times to individual audits by leveraging compliance activities and documentation across multiple customer responsibilities



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