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Digital technology has become the world’s touchpoint, connecting, informing, and enabling life at every level, from individuals to institutions. For today’s businesses, digital is integral — woven so deeply into strategy, infrastructure, operations, and products/services that in a very real sense, business and IT have become one.

Read our case study:How we helped a multi-national company demonstrate a defensible security posture to its regulators, customers, and other key stakeholders.

A multinational company had gradually let its information security investments fall behind its real-world needs. Its board, CEO, and CIO were concerned that the organization could not readily demonstrate a consistent, defensible security posture to its regulators, customers, and other key stakeholders.

How we helped:

Within one week of winning the contract, PwC mobilized a global team of over 35 information security practitioners to address the client’s problems. We leveraged a consistent global methodology and a leading security framework (ISO 27002) to conduct an accelerated security assessment across the company’s ten business units. Our team aligned industry leading practices to each business unit and delivered a roadmap of information security initiatives to achieve the agreed-upon level of compliance within the organization.

The result:

  • The company achieved a deeper understanding of its current information security risks, along with the insights necessary to develop comprehensive remediation efforts.
  • The company was given insights into leading practices across business units, which historically had not been communicated to the wider company.
  • The company replaced its IT control generalists with a system of rapidly deployable resources with technical security capabilities aligned to various industries.
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