Risk Assurance Market Insights: Issue 3

October 2016

Dean Simone
US, Asia-Pacific, & Americas Cluster Risk Assurance Leader


As leader of PwC’s Risk Assurance practice, it gives me great pleasure to share with you the latest issue of Risk Assurance Market Insights. 

Our Risk Assurance partners will share our perspective and provide insights on the most consequential issues in today’s fast ­shifting risk climate. We’ll take the long view: tackling risks from a holistic perspective and helping you discover how they’ll impact your business strategies and operations — today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Issue 3, October 2016

Sixty-eight percent (68%) of respondents in our 19th Annual Global CEO Survey named data and analytics as the technology best able to generate return for stakeholder engagement. That indicates the broad enthusiasm we see for analytics tools  across organizations — but translating that enthusiasm into action is the real challenge.

This edition of Risk Assurance Market Insights is all about helping you unlock data and transform how you perceive — and capitalize on — risk as a catalyst for growth.

Topics include:

Six ways internal audit can advance its analytics journey

By Jason Pett

Internal audit provides significant value to an organization and is under continuous pressure to go to the next level and become a true leader in risk management. By fully integrating analytics capabilities throughout the audit life cycle, internal audit can better meet those expectations: conducting efficient full-population monitoring, focusing on key issues, and delivering more robust risk assessments and richer insights.

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Monitoring vendor networks through supply chain risk analytics

By Scott Greenfield

The depth of risk that can lurk within today’s global, multistage supply chains is stunning. For every primary vendor with which a company has a relationship, it may have secondary relationships with dozens of entities that supply that vendor, plus tertiary relationships with each of those entities’ own subsuppliers, and so on. To manage risk comprehensively within that landscape, a company must be able to verify whether each of those individual vendor and subsupplier entities is abiding by the laws of all of the countries whose jurisdictions the company operates in.

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Turning enterprise data into an asset against risk

By Bob Clark

Companies are investing heavily in best-in-class enterprise system solutions to manage their increasingly complex data flows, yet many still feel they lack complete visibility into how these systems should help assess risk and enable companies to pursue opportunities. A robust enterprise analytics platform can create a cohesive narrative and provide greater visibility to achieve actionable data-driven insights.

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