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Many companies have spent millions on ERP systems, but still lack the heightened efficiency, automation and decision data they were expecting

PwC can help you make the most of the business value of your Oracle investment.

Many system integrators who implement ERP systems are focused only on making sure their particular product works. They’re not thinking enough about achieving the value to the whole business.

PwC will bring you that essential focus – on your business issues, and on how Oracle applications address them. Matching our knowledge of the technology’s capabilities with your business needs, we’ll develop a solution that makes the most of your ERP investment.


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Deeper insights for greater strategic value: Oracle Advanced Controls (GRC) Study

Deeper insights for greater strategic value: Oracle Advanced Controls (GRC) Study

GRC Technology has become an increasingly critical factor for driving value (i.e., recovering profitability, increasing efficiency, detecting fraud, etc.) and automating manual compliance and risk management activity in the enterprise. Organizations have increased their adoption of Oracle Advanced Control (“AC”) to improve the oversight of corporate governance, including financial reporting compliance, enterprise risk management (ERM), and related audits. To better understand organizations’ awareness and how organizations are using (or considering using) Advanced Controls technology to drive value in an enterprise, PwC conducted an Oracle Advanced Controls study.

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