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In today’s complex business environment, companies face mounting pressure to create innovative products and services, compete in new markets and geographies, boost operational efficiencies and cost savings, and comply with evolving regulatory requirements. To effectively manage the risks of this widening spectrum, organizations and their stakeholders need better assurance and more integrated, holistic reporting. PwC’s Process Assurance Solutions team gives you smarter technology that drives better business decisions, so you can push past convention to win like no other.

Read our case study:How we helped a global renewable energy company standardize its business processes, and implement a common technology platform to promote efficiency and flexibility for future growth.

A global renewable energy company was undertaking a business transformation initiative, positioning itself for strategic growth through acquisition. To ease future integration with target entities, the company needed help consolidating its existing technology platforms and processes.

How we helped:

Because the client lacked experience in driving transformation projects and designing embedded controls, PwC was brought in to provide and end-to-end solution — assessing the project plan, scope, and approach; making recommendations for systems integration and process improvement plans; and helping implement those plans. We helped the company standardize its business processes across business units and location, and implement a common technology platform to promote efficiency and flexibility for future growth.

The results:

  • The company went live with effective, integrated systems and business processes.
  • Flexible, sustainable embedded controls set it up to meet current and future global compliance obligations.
  • The company was positioned for greater operating effectiveness and seamless integration of future acquisitions.
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