Cloud assurance

As more businesses are leveraging the cloud, PwC's Cara Beston asks, "What security and risk assurance strategies are they offering their customers?"

Businesses everywhere are repositioning themselves to leverage the cloud.

But risk accompanies this change. If your company wants to offer cloud advantages, you have to meet customers’ security and risk assurance requirements.

Technology companies may have fewer regulatory requirements, but as a cloud provider, you still have to show that controls are in place and operating effectively. You have to respond to new, cloud-related risks. You must also demonstrate compliance with your customers’ new regulations. And both you and your customers need to be sure cost savings and profit opportunities are really there, and providers are keeping their service level commitments.

PwC is familiar with the business risks that come with the cloud. We can help you understand and manage them as you begin to use the new technology.

The cloud is a highly automated, externally managed infrastructure. Offering customers assurance is the price of entry for companies looking to provide cloud services. We can bring your company sharp insight and optimal alignment in a cloud environment. As you develop your cloud strategy, you will build the confidence you and your customers require.