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As more businesses are leveraging the cloud, PwC's Cara Beston asks, "What security and risk assurance strategies are they offering their customers?"


Businesses everywhere are repositioning themselves to leverage the cloud.

But risk accompanies this change. As business use of cloud services continues to grow, an ever increasing amount of sensitive data passes in and out of the cloud, exposing that data—and the business itself—to significant new risks.

With data security and privacy being top of mind, organizations must effectively address the risks associated with moving to the cloud and work towards developing secure and functioning cloud operations.

PwC is deeply skilled at managing the business risks to enable the advantageous use of cloud services. With the emergence of shadow IT, we recognize that organizations are deploying more cloud services than are even known to them.

  • PwC’s cDiscoveryTM service can help you discover cloud services and their usage to map your cybersecurity, privacy and regulatory risks, and
  • PwC’s cLifecycleTM service can help you understand and programmatically manage your enterprise cloud risks as you mature your cloud operations lifecycle and innovate your business.

PwC can bring your company sharp insight, cloud assessments and attestations, and optimal business alignment in a cloud environment.

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