Media and Advertising Assurance Services

U.S. advertising growth through 2018 will average 4.7% growth compounded annually to an estimated $680B. In addition, internet advertising in the U.S. will grow by 9% to $66B, with mobile and video internet advertising being the fastest growing at 22.1% by 2018.1

In order to grow in today’s environment, it is necessary for businesses to invest in advertising and media. But not everyone knows how to capitalize on their media and advertising spend. Budgets are tight and it is critical that businesses are able to maximize the return on investment and get the most out of their agency contract.

Advertising today is not what it was yesterday. You have to look for new and innovative ways to promote your products and services, using both traditional and new media strategies. And these new strategies bring new challenges: changes in advertising agency contracts, analyzing contract compliance, differentiating media spend and measuring ROI. Allow us to help you potentially reduce your advertising spend and achieve greater transparency, clear metrics and strong results through our solutions and services:


Assisting companies in enhancing marketing plans, process development, agency staffing plan, marketing mix analyses and marketing effectiveness, and ROI.


Guiding companies in managing media buying performance through cost and quality analyses, media data and reporting, analytics and internal controls assessments to gain effectiveness and efficiencies in the spend.

Contract Compliance

Determining if contract terms were complied with - are you getting what you paid for? This might include an analysis of various types of spend, including creative, media, direct marketing, promotional, events, etc.

In addition, we perform media assessments, referred to in industry as media audits or advertising agency audits, search analyses, and social media studies related to the digital financial stewardship process to effectively manage digital, internet, and new media spend. Often times, these types of assessments may result in large cost reductions and savings to organizations media and advertising budget.

PwC follows a phased approach to assist companies in determining the effectiveness and efficiency of their media and advertising spend. Our professionals are highly experienced and have a broad range of knowledge in working through each of the aspects of the advertising process, from agency  on-boarding to on-going monitoring of spend. This approach can help you manage advertising costs, while generating revenue at the same time.

1 PwC Global entertainment and media outlook: 2014 - 2018,

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