Managing the Shadow Cloud
Integrating cloud governance into your existing compliance program

August 2014
Managing the Shadow Cloud: Integrating cloud governance into your existing compliance program

At a glance

The world of computing has changed, and executives have begun to realize that shadow cloud activity cannot be ignored. At the same time, realizing the benefits of the cloud with more confidence about the risks and rewards depends on knowing how to prudently say “yes” to the cloud.

As the culture of consumerization continues to expand and business units are facing an increasing pressure to perform, shadow cloud has emerged as a trend in business organizations. Whereas risks associated with shadow IT are largely confined to individual computers, the shadow cloud presents a potentially pervasive gateway to new and unknown risks. What does this mean for business and IT organizations?

Business and IT leaders must find ways to discover, analyze, and actively monitor new and existing cloud solutions that are entering the corporate environment. This paper outlines ten steps that companies can take to better manage the cloud their employees are already using.