What is Internal Audit’s role in organizational Transformation?

January 2013
What is Internal Audit’s role in organizational Transformation?

At a glance

Internal Audit has a role in transformational change programs. This includes collaboration with other assurance providers within the organization to ensure positive outcomes. This whitepaper highlights six suggestions for Internal Audit involvement that are designed to help them plan their role.

In order to gain a competitive advantage and keep pace with regulatory requirements, companies are undertaking an unprecedented amount of transformational change. While the benefits to the organization can be great, they do not come without risk. Internal Audit can and should play a key role in these initiatives, by looking at the end-to-end life cycle of the program and embedding a risk driven assurance approach in program delivery. This includes enabling and collaborating with other sources and providers of assurance and ensuring the assurance outcomes are efficiently delivered by the lines of defense.

If your organization is undertaking a transformation we offer six suggestions based on our experiences, including building a “three lines of defense” mode and developing an integrated assurance plan.