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Read what our practitioners have to say about managing risks.  Below you will find authored articles and quotes from our Risk Assurance specialists on topics including Internal Audit, Third Party Assurance, Process Assurance, IT & Project Assurance, and Performance Governance, Risk and Compliance.

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Five Common Mistakes of New Project Managers
By Dave Tilk
PM Network
December 9, 2014
Internal Audit Should Play Bigger Role in IT
Featuring Dave Roath and Carolyn Holcomb
October 15, 2014
Why Is PwC Hiring So Many Privacy Pros?
By Angelique Carson, featuring Ken Mortensen
The Privacy Advisor
October 1, 2014
How Health Care Organizations’ Risk and Compliance Executives Can Become Strategic Board Advisors
Featuring Terry Puchley, Mitchel Harris, and Aysha Long
AHLA Healthcare Compliance Resource Guide
September 2014
What Does Good IT Governance Look Like?
By Dave Tilk
Corporate Compliance Insights
April 2014
Breaches Happen at the Most Inconvenience Times
By Ed DeMarco featuring Mike Corey and Aaron Weller
The RMA Journal
March 2014
Survey says more attention being paid to data privacy, but still a ways to go
By Grant Hatchimonji featuring Carolyn Holcomb
January 31, 2014
Using Trade Associations and Expert Consultants in Disaster Planning and Recovery
By Mike Keating featuring Phil Samson
Industry Marketing Trends
January 15, 2014
7 Skills for CRO Greatness
By Selena Chavis featuring Brian Schwartz and Peggy Hardek
Insight Magazine
January 1, 2014
Top Five Project Management Myths
David Tilk
December 5, 2013
Creating an Effective Global Privacy Program
Aaron Weller participates on a panel at the Privacy Identify Innovation Conference
September 16-18, 2013
Leveraging GRC Tools for Business Continuity Management
By Joe DeVita
Corporate Compliance Insights
September 12, 2013
GRC Technologies: A Hedge Against Recovery Audits
By Joe DeVita
Corporate Compliance Insights
April 16, 2013
Looking Within: Leveraging Your ERP Data into a Platform for Vendor Risk Management
By Joe DeVita
Corporate Compliance Insights
January 28, 2013
Do Your Segregation of Duties Policies Need an Update?
By Robert H. Clark
Corporate Compliance Insights
December 4, 2012
The Art of Integration Between Legal and Compliance Functions
By Joe DeVita
Corporate Compliance Insights
October 15, 2012
The Indispensable Multipurpose GRC Tool – Are You Leveraging Yours To The Fullest?
By Joe DeVita
Corporate Compliance Insights
September 19, 2012
Strategic risk management provides a competitive edge
Threats, opportunities weighed in informed risk-taking
By Rodd Zolkos featuring Steve Zawoyski
Business Insurance
September 9, 2012
Lines of Cyberdefense
Effectively Assessing Information Risks within the Enterprise
By Eric Chabrow featuring Carolyn Holcomb
InfoRisk Today
August 22, 2012
Strong Defense Tactics Needed Against Cyber Attacks
Companies should identify key controls for data security and privacy, just as they do for financial processes
By Shaunacy Ferro featuring Carolyn Holcomb
Treasury & Risk
August 20, 2012
C-Suite Slipping on Information Security, Study Finds
By Taylor Provost featuring Jason Pett
August 17, 2012
Continuous Control Monitoring in the ERP
By Michael Baccala with Robert Clark
Corporate Compliance Insights
August 15, 2012
FCPA Compliance Monitoring: Catching the Red Flags
By Joe DeVita
Corporate Compliance Insights
July 11, 2012
Who Is In Control: You Or Your ERP?
By Robert H. Clark and Michael Baccala
Corporate Compliance Insights
June 12, 2012
Achieving Cascading Success in GRC
By Joe DeVita
Compliance Week
May 12, 2012
Risk Management Imperatives for 2012
By Dean Simone
Australian Security Magazine
May 3, 2012
Measuring the Effectiveness of Compliance
By Karen Koll featuring Barbara 'Bobby' Kipp
Compliance Week
April 2012
More Clues on SEC Whistleblower Office
By Tammy Whitehouse featuring Barbara 'Bobby' Kipp
Compliance Week
February 2012