Oracle Systems & Controls

Just because an ERP system works, doesn't mean it's right for your business. Hear PwC's Michael Baccala discuss customized approaches for getting the most value from your ERP plan.

Many companies have spent millions on ERP systems, but still lack the heightened efficiency, automation and decision data they were expecting.

The explanation is simple. Many system integrators who implement these systems are focused only on making sure their particular product works. They’re not thinking enough about achieving the value to the whole business.

PwC will bring you that essential focus – on your business issues, and on how Oracle Applications address them. Matching our knowledge of the technology’s capabilities with your business needs, we’ll develop a solution that makes the most of your ERP investment.

Drawing on experience with hundreds of companies, we’ll help you find the optimal mix of automation and manual processes. Equally important, we’ll ensure you have the tools you need to sustain those improvements. You’ll be well equipped to manage and control information and transactions from beginning to end.

We help our clients establish an integrated governance, risk and control environment leveraging Oracle’s GRC Control Suite to increase transparency, improve governance, automate core control functions, make better risk management decisions, and lower costs.

The bottom line: PwC can help you make the most of the business value of your Oracle investment. Over time, look for big benefits in efficiency, productivity and profitability.