Data Analytics

PwC's John Sabatini discusses how data analytics can mitigate risk and increase efficiency for businesses facing a complicated regulatory environment.

PwC Apps Navigator is a tailored, cost-effective single platform that offers integrated workflow, a documentation repository, and analytics capabilities. It includes a number of features, all designed to achieve three critical success factors: automation, consistency, and sustainability.

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The regulatory environment and the compliance data it requires can pose steep and costly challenges to any business.

Ideally, organizations want to leverage this mountain of data beyond compliance to reduce risk and boost returns. But it’s hard for most companies to do this quickly and efficiently on their own.

That’s where PwC comes in. By helping you create a holistic approach to data analytics we can transform how you meet regulatory needs into actionable, enterprise-wide intelligence.

And we can do it efficiently, leveraging our configurable solution-development platform, allowing you to potentially spend less working with PwC than you’d spend using in-house resources. Your margins could benefit from significant data efficiencies.

In sum, PwC can show you how to put your data to work for the good of your business and your bottom line.

Please click on the boxes below for a list of services we provide to organizations across a range of highly-regulated industries, including Financial Services, Healthcare, and Energy (Oil & Gas and Utilities).

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Analytical testing and assessment

Using advanced analytics to improve testing (by making it more efficient and comprehensive):

  • 100% Population Testing
  • Identify key vulnerabilities and evaluate current performance
  • Recommend practical changes to systems and processes for subsequent implementation
  • Model Development
  • Impact analysis testing (as a change of line of business, mergers, spikes in activity)
  • Re-performance (Calculations, Regulatory reporting, error reports, system feeds, financial reports)
  • End to End system/ process testing

Analytics transformation

Assisting clients as they design and build internal analytic capabilities:

  • Organizational change strategy
  • Test business rules and analytics
  • Policies and procedures
  • Infrastructure development
  • Vendor selections
  • Apply advanced tuning offering to improve the performance of existing detection models and rule sets
  • Requirements Development

Tool and dashboard development

Designing/ developing continuous monitoring, surveillance, alert management and reporting tools:

  • Surveillance System Optimization, Tuning and Implementation
  • Dashboard Development
  • Extend operational capabilities and interfaces of existing fraud and compliance solutions and platforms
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Key Control Monitoring
  • Management Reporting
  • Client Reporting

Advanced risk and regulatory analytics

Assisting clients with risk reporting and analytics assessments

  • Risk and Compliance Assurance
  • Independent Model Validation
  • Quantitative assessment and back testing
  • Upgrading Risk and Analytic platforms
  • Risk and Finance Data Governance and Integration
  • Regulatory Compliance monitoring and assessment including CCAR, DFAST, OCC etc.