IT & Project Assurance Services

For most companies, investing in technology is a significant cost that is made with associated risks.

Scott Greenfield shares insights on how to derive full value of your strategic technology initiatives through effective risk management of your technology implementation.

In making technology investments, there are at least three key hurdles to overcome: making the right technology choices; acquiring adequate funding; and realizing the full value of the investment after implementation.

Additionally, these challenges must be addressed in an environment of complex global supply chains, ever increasing regulation, and a challenging economic environment.

Our IT & Project Assurance practice helps clients realize the complete value of their strategic technology initiatives through the effective management of risk in the following areas:
  • Technology implementation and project management
  • Technical risk, including information security and technical privacy
  • Process automation and control optimization
  • Business information delivery
If these issues sound familiar, please contact us. We have broad and varied experience in IT project management, ERP controls, data security, and other risk management activities. Here’s what you can expect from us:
  • In-depth understanding of the issues you face, rooted in extensive global experience and acknowledged leadership in controls
  • Straightforward, standardized approaches that can be customized to your organization by a firm whose name is trusted worldwide
  • Complete independence that is critical to brand protection — which can be compromised by firms that are associated with software suppliers
  • The support you need to harness new technology, not be harnessed by it
  • Seasoned professionals to help you fully understand your company’s IT and security risks – and develop your own best practices to mitigate them
  • The cost savings that come from effective controls; comprehensive global (rather than piecemeal) IT deployments; smart management of M&A-related control risks; and efficient regulatory compliance
  • A stronger brand that benefits your company, your customers, and your suppliers

Wide-ranging value

We're ready to help you realize the value of your strategic technology initiatives through effective risk management of your technology implementation. We offer project management that also helps minimize technical risk, including information security and technical privacy; in process automation and control optimization; and delivery of business information.

Our services include