The Risk Innovation Center

With today’s infinite pace of change, businesses need to be agile, flexible and, above all, innovative. If you’re in business, you’ve already learned – just as we have – that yesterday’s approaches won’t solve tomorrow’s problems. Finding that right idea is the key to prosperity. Many times, it’s the key to basic survival.

To take just a few examples, you may have found yourself wrestling with such recurrent issues as addressing third party risk, reducing the cost of compliance, improving health care compliance, transforming loss prevention, assessing cloud and other emerging technology risks, enhancing Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, or implementing the new COSO framework.

The list goes on. Fundamentally, the challenge you face is how best to protect and leverage your organization’s assets. And what used to work just isn’t enough.

That’s where PwC’s Risk Assurance Innovation Center comes in. We’re here to help you find responses that match the issues you face today and will confront tomorrow.

Solutions that work

At the Center, new solutions that work are our sole purpose for existence. Integrating a century of experience advising a global client roster, and working in a secure environment, we initiate and hone fresh approaches until we have the right blend. As we work, we bring to bear an in-depth understanding of your issues and an expert knowledge of relevant technologies. End result: a piloted, tested action plan.

Once the plan has passed all tests and is action-ready, we deliver it to you. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Speed. Finding new solutions is our only business, so you’ll get them fast, when you need them.
  • Experience-proven solutions. We skip the theoretical blather. What you’ll get from PwC is a set of concrete action steps that have been tried and tested in real life.
  • Potential cost savings. The process of change is intensive and expensive. For many businesses, it’s too costly to launch on their own.
  • Focus. Our team has a single goal: to give you a clear competitive advantage.
  • Confidence. You can move forward secure in the knowledge that you have the right answers to address the challenges ahead.

For more information, call Brian Brown or send a note to We look forward to exploring how PwC’s Risk Innovation Center can add value to your business.