GRC Technology Enablement

Businesses spend a fortune on redundant solutions for their GRC needs. PwC's Joe DeVita says a comprehensive approach can increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Varying levels of maturity in risk and compliance processes are driving the need for identifying and implementing the right GRC tool to support the framework for process efficiency, improved data management and reporting.

Companies have responded to increasing regulatory pressures by forming multiple governance, risk and compliance (GRC) oversight functions, processes and information systems instead of viewing their business holistically, finding themselves asking two fundamental questions:

  • What are our risk and compliance needs?
  • Can the technology we own serve us better?

We have extensive experience across multiple platforms and processes, and we bring complete objectivity to the table – we don’t make or sell specific IT solutions. The only thing we promote is efficiency and compliance with a clear ROI.

Performance GRC can help your company build a roadmap for efficient compliance and increased profitability while helping you understand how to achieve cost-effective technology compliance. We will assist you in leveraging the power of your existing technology so you are able to make smart choices that promote long term effectiveness and return on investment.

PwC’s Performance GRC Technology Enablement Services relate to the assessment and implementation of GRC tools to enable GRC activities and promote consolidation and coordination of activities and reporting throughout an organization. We help companies through:

  • GRC technology strategy and roadmap implementation
  • GRC technology tool optimization
  • GRC technology tool support