Risk Management

Many Enterprise Risk Management plans focus only on containing liabilities, but PwC's Stephen Zawoyski says taking certain risks can have advantages.

Risk is real, and although it can hinder growth and potentially be a source of demise, it can also drive growth and value creation for a company.

PwC’s Performance Risk Management Services utilizes an analytical approach to both assess and manage risk and demonstrates how risk should help manage the enterprise, and not for the enterprise to manage risk. Regardless, companies need to contain liabilities, supporting compliance and governance activities to ensure they are compliant in order to mitigate risk and protect their overall performance.

In helping businesses understand and increase their ability to successfully manage risks, PwC helps them establish the confidence in their ability to seek out and take those risks; risks that generate the greatest opportunities for their business.

What does risk mean for your company? Do your current risk management efforts reflect the true risks to the business? Do they help you leverage real opportunities that are in front of your organization?

PwC’s Performance Risk Management Services offer services related to assessing your enterprise risk management framework, performing an enterprise business level or emerging risk assessment, reviewing the coordination between risk and compliance functions, designing and reviewing risk mitigation plans and supporting risk management components including:

  • ERM maturity assessment
  • ERM framework build
  • Risk assessment (enterprise, business unit, emerging)
  • Integrated risk and compliance coordination
  • Risk response strategy review
  • Third party (vendor) risk management
  • Managed risk services
  • Retail asset protection solutions