Performance Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

“The complexity of today’s business environment demands that your GRC program assumes a new role, upping its value protection and compliance focus and also becoming a direct enabler of business performance.”

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PwC’s Performance GRC practice brings the right blend of resources and a new focus on performance, a powerful combination to help you achieve business objectives and go far beyond checklists. The key word is performance, which signals a new approach that consolidates resources under a single umbrella, refocusing them to monitor your entire business.

Your organization can’t afford to be out of compliance, or to overlook any potential risks, however remote or seemingly favorable: corruption, instability, natural disasters, increasing government oversight, business transformation, new technology, and innovative products.

We begin with a broad view of risk, rather than focusing on the top 10 or 20. We look at interconnections among enterprise risks, combined with robust analytics, to find solutions that have the greatest impact. This perspective helps eliminate redundancies, channels resources efficiently across risks, and decreases the burden of constant audits on the business. We also help you integrate your GRC activities into your business and align it with key performance drivers.

Thus, consolidation makes it possible to empower GRC functions so they’re not just reactive, but can anticipate and prevent risk and support strategic business goals. If your company has identified the need to maximize its return on investment by integrating the various GRC activities to satisfy internal and external stakeholders, PwC can help you with:

Risk Management Services

We offer services related to assessing your enterprise risk management framework, performing an enterprise or business level risk assessment, reviewing the coordination between risk and compliance functions, designing and reviewing risk mitigation plans and co-sourcing risk management components.

  • Risk management maturity assessment
  • Risk management framework build
  • Risk assessment (enterprise, business unit, emerging)
  • Integrated risk and compliance coordination
  • Risk response strategy review
  • Third party (vendor) risk management
  • Managed risk services
  • Loss prevention strategy and analytics
  • Emerging markets risk management

Compliance Services

We offer services related to assessing your corporate compliance program, performing a compliance risk assessment and addressing specific regulatory compliance issues on a proactive basis or in response to identified regulatory issues.

  • Corporate compliance program assessment
  • Corporate compliance program build
  • Compliance risk assessment
  • Healthcare compliance
  • Financial services compliance
  • Managed monitoring and testing services
  • Conflict minerals compliance

Business Continuity Management Services

We offer services related to the process for identifying, preventing and preparing for events that may disrupt business activities and the plans needed to recover efficiently and effectively.

  • Business continuity management program assessment
  • Business continuity management program implementation
  • Business continuity management program testing, maintenance, and training
  • Disaster recovery planning

GRC Technology Enablement Services

We offer services related to the assessment and implementation of GRC tools to enable GRC activities to align, communicate, and coordinate and report in a consolidated manner throughout the organization.

  • GRC technology design, implementation, and configuration
  • GRC technology ongoing tool support
  • GRC technology readiness and roadmap
  • GRC technology tool optimization and automation