Risk Assurance Events Around the United States

Throughout the year, PwC professionals host and participate in various events, including conferences and issue-focused webcasts around the country. Please use the map below to select your location to see upcoming events and PwC contact information for your local market.

PwC Conference Sponsorships and Speaker Sessions

Attending any of these events? Please be sure to connect with our PwC practitioners to see if they will be attending and don't forget to register to attend our speaking sessions. Visit our exhibition booth, if applicable, to connect with our thought leaders, see our latest demonstrations and learn how we can help your company address your internal audit needs and the challenges you may be facing regarding risk and compliance issues.

Global Privacy Summit 2015

March 4-6, 2015
Washington, D.C.

We are pleased to be a gold sponsor and exhibitor.
Stop by Booth #204 to meet with members of our cybersecurity and privacy practice.

Thursday, March 5, 2015
11:00 - 12:00 pm

Insights from History Are Shaping Our Future—What the Recent Past is Teaching us about the Future of Cybersecurity and Privacy

PwC participants:
Carolyn Holcomb
, CIPP/US, Partner, Cybersecurity and Privacy
Emily Stapf, Principal, Cybersecurity and Privacy

The world of cybersecurity and privacy is evolving faster than ever before. Recent, game-changing incidents have demonstrated the newest tactics used to breach security and how privacy is violated in new and surprising ways. These incidents and trends are leading to long-term lessons that organizations can use to improve their security and privacy posture and programs, their breach response capabilities and their understanding of and appreciation for privacy law and changing consumer and regulatory expectations.

What you’ll take away:

  • Lessons learned from privacy and security incidents
  • Practical implementations of comprehensive security and privacy programs
  • Leading practices in breach preparedness and response
  • Common pitfalls in responding to a breach

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IIA General Audit Management Conference

March 9-11, 2015
Las Vegas, NV

We are pleased to be an exhibitor at the conference.
Stop by Booth #113/115 to meet with members of our Internal Audit practice.

Monday, March 9, 2015
2:15 – 3:15 pm

PwC participants include:
Stakeholder Perspective on Emerging Technology Risk and Internal Audit's Role - Princy Jain,
CIA, CCSA, CRMA, PwC Principal

Tuesday, March 10, 2015
12:45 – 1:45 p.m.

PwC’s 2015 State of The Internal Audit Profession Study

Jason Pett, CIA, and PwC’s U.S. Internal Audit Leader
Rachael Person Robertson, CIA and PwC Partner

7th Annual Global Ethics Summit

March 10-11, 2015
New York, NY

PwC is pleased to be a gold sponsor and will be exhibiting at the conference.

ACAMS moneylaundering.com 20th Annual International AML and Financial Crime Conference

March 15-18, 2015
Hollywood, FL

PwC is proud to be a diamond sponsor. While at the conference, we invite you to stop by Booth #107; we will have a number of practitioners on hand to discuss the future of financial crime, including new developments in analytics.

To learn more about our speaking sessions at the conference, click here.

ISACA North America Computer Audit, Control and Security Conference (CACS)

March 16- 17, 2015
Orlando, FL

PwC is proud to be a gold sponsor and exhibitor. Stop by Booth #104 to meet with members of our practice.

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ECOA 23rd Annual Ethics & Compliance Conference

March 17-20, 2015
Dallas, Texas

PwC is pleased to be exhibiting at the event. Stop by and visit us at Booth #12.

To view a detailed agenda and our speaking session click here.

SAP Insider GRC 2015

March 17-20, 2015
Las Vegas, NV

We are pleased to be the global sponsor. Please stop by and visit us at Booth #810.

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HIMSS 2015 Annual Conference & Exhibition

April 12-16, 2015
Chicago, IL

We are pleased to be a corporate supporter and exhibitor at the conference. Please visit us at Booth MP20-22 to speak with a Health Industries professional.

To view the Schedule-at-a-Glance click here.

HCCA's 19th Annual Compliance Institute (2015)

April 19-22, 2015
Lake Buena Vista, FL

We are proud to be a gold sponsor.

To view the agenda and for additional information, click here.

RIMS 2015 Annual Conference

April 26-29, 2015
New Orleans, LA

We are pleased to be a sponsor and will also be exhibiting at the event. Stop by to talk to one of our risk management professionals at Booth #921.

To view the agenda and for additional information, click here.

MetricStream GRC Summit 2015

May 11-13, 2015
Arlington, VA

We are proud to be a gold sponsor and exhibitor.

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Archived webcasts:

2015 State of the Internal Audit Profession Webcast: Finding True North in a Period of Rapid Transformation
April 1, 2015

This webcast provides an in-depth look at the latest trends and themes presented in our 2015 State of the Internal Audit Profession Study, and our perspectives on the continued evolution of the profession.

PwC’s Jason Pett, Rachael Person, and Monica Nayar, and industry guest James Tietjen, from Capital One Financial Corporation, share their perspectives on Internal Audit, and how Internal Audit functions should strive to push beyond standard objectives and deliverables.

Specifically the webcast provides a perspective on the following areas and more:

  • Understanding how Internal Audit functions must evolve to meet the needs of ever changing and often transforming businesses
  • Providing insight on how Internal Audit must advance its capabilities and skills in order to contribute value
  • Looking closely at the growing importance of Data Analytics and strategies for advancing their use
  • Positioning Internal Audit to collaborate with other lines of defense to help strengthen overall risk management

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Vendor Controls Attestation (SOC 2+) Webcast: What this means for US businesses
February 24, 2015

How much time does your organization dedicate to completing customer assessments? Some organizations spend upwards of $5M on customer assessments and on-site audits. Many service providers struggle to meet the demand for these requests. They put a strain on resources when effort is taken from the core business function and focused on completing these assessments and on-site audits. As the marketplace continues to increase focus on third party service providers, so does the likelihood that your business will be disrupted. Forward thinking vendors are taking a proactive approach to their customers’ demand for transparency.

Listen to PwC’s informative webcast on Vendor Controls Attestation (SOC 2+) which is a new approach to achieving assurance over vendor controls, eliminating the need for costly customer assessments. Todd Bialick, PwC's Third Party Assurance Leader and Jeff Trent PwC’s Vendor Controls Attestation Leader, hosted the webcast along with PwC’s Julianne Inozemcev and Shona Brady. They provided insight into a new industry-wide Vendor Controls Attestation framework (SOC 2+). This framework allows an independent, standardized assessment which can be shared with customers to meet their needs and save on the time and expense incurred with the questionnaire process.

The webcast focused on the following topics to help companies understand the purpose and benefits of the new Vendor Controls Attestation (SOC 2+).

  • Current methods used to achieve controls comfort over vendor operations and the related challenges
  • Overview of SOC 2+ and how it addresses the challenges of current methods
  • The SOC 2+ service approach
  • Key benefits of SOC 2+ to both vendors and customers
  • Key questions to consider when deciding if SOC 2+ is right for your organization

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Significant Others: Risk and Rewards of Third Party Business Relationships 
February 3, 2015

Third parties are often the partners that we rely on to help keep our businesses running. In today's environment, it's more important than ever for us to have a solid understanding of how our third party providers are organized and what safeguards they hold in place for their own operations.

PwC’s Lillian Borsa, Dan Morrison, and Dean Spitzer, and our panel of industry guests Joe Jurchak, from Synchrony Bank and Cory Notrica, from PepsiCo, address the risks and rewards associated with third party business relationships

Specifically, the webcast highlights areas including:

  • Drivers behind the increased focus on Third Party Business Relationships
  • Organization & governance models and funding
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Benefits of an effective Third Party Risk Management program

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Pave the way: Build a value driven SAP GRC roadmap
January 29, 2015

Are you fully leveraging your existing SAP technology to automate your processes? Or are you limiting its use mainly for compliance initiatives? Establishing a GRC Roadmap can allow you to reduce the cost of your current processes and potentially improve your control environment. But do you know where to start? Do you know how to get the business buy in for the project or GRC technologies to support the program?

PwC's Jamie Draper, David Hodson, and Jonathan Levitt discuss leading practices in building a business case and a roadmap for your GRC program and technologies.

Specifically, the webcast will present techniques to help you:

  • Establish a business case for a controls optimization project and associated GRC technologies
  • Leverage leading practices to define a roadmap for your GRC program and determine where to start
  • Define priorities and calculate ROI for automation and GRC enablement opportunities
  • Develop an interest at your company and increase the stakeholder-base

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Data at risk! Protecting your intellectual property within SAP
November 13, 2014

How safe is your sensitive data? Many organizations are finding out the answer is “not very.” According to a recent PwC survey, 16% of large organizations reported knowing that outsiders had stolen their intellectual property or confidential data in the last year. PwC’s Jamie Draper, Peter Hobson, and Valerie Lichter discuss leading practices to classify, identify and protect sensitive data within SAP systems.

Specifically, this webcast covers:

  • How to identify different types of sensitive data, processes, or industry regulations that may pose risk
  • How to establish a framework to classify sensitive data within SAP
  • Examples of real risks encountered and solutions provided (such as PII, ITAR, secret recipes)

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The European Data Protection Regulation: What this means for US businesses
November 4, 2014

The proposed General Data Protection Regulation, which is currently proceeding through the European legislature, would introduce widespread data protection changes and greatly increase financial sanctions for noncompliance. These changes are likely to raise significant challenges in regard to data protection compliance for all businesses (regardless of the location of their establishments) that operate or provide goods and services within the European Union (EU).

On this webcast, PwC's Data Protection and Privacy Leader Carolyn Holcomb, along with PwC Data Protection and Privacy Principal Jay Cline, discuss the changes the new law would introduce, its current status, and how US companies can prepare with distinguished lawyers, Stewart Room and James Castro-Edwards from PwC Legal LLP, based in London, England.

The following topics are discussed to help companies understand the main changes and prepare for the new regulation:

  • Background on and current state of the new EU regulation
  • Major proposed changes
  • Impact to US organizations/multinationals
  • Strategies companies should consider now

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2014 State of Compliance: Today’s Challenges, Tomorrow’s Opportunities
June 26, 2014

The webcast, hosted by Sally Bernstein, Principal, PwC's Risk Consulting practice and Andrea Falcione, Managing Director, PwC's Performance GRC practice, provides analysis of the results from PwC’s 4th Annual State of Compliance Survey, including:

  • Insights around 7 key themes that were uncovered in this year’s results
  • Challenges facing today’s CCOs
  • Benchmarking data for corporate compliance officers to understand common industry practices
  • Planning for more effective and efficient compliance operations in the future

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Visualizing SAP: Driving change through enhanced reporting
June 24, 2014

Enhanced dashboard reporting provides clarity to senior management, can establish accountability with business owners, and helps to deliver insights for continuous improvement.PwC's Richard Clark, David Hodson, andJeff Grice discuss and demonstrate methods to improve your routines around Segregation of Duties monitoring, Emergency Access Management, Provisioning, and Process Controls through interactive and visual reporting.

Specifically, this webcast covers:

  • How to gain insights to trends, outliers, and root causes across all four domains;
  • How to establish and monitor key performance indicators;
  • How to establish and monitor compliance to service level agreements; and
  • How to provide summarized dashboards for Process Controls enabled routines.

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Business Continuity Management Insights Survey, "Business Continuity Beyond Company Walls"
May 22, 2014

Hear from a panel of business continuity and vendor risk management leaders who discuss the findings from PwC’s Business Continuity Management Insights Survey, "Business Continuity Beyond Company Walls". The panel will also share insight into how companies can gain, manage and integrate vendor resiliency as part of their resiliency and recovery program.

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The digital operating model: Embrace the cloud while protecting your data 
May 19, 2014

The use of cloud is strategic – it drives business agility and employee productivity. At the same time, organizations are concerned about the risks arising from utilizing cloud based services, but the drive to the cloud is accelerating.

Listen to PwC’s Cloud Assurance team, along with CEO and Co-Founder of Skyhigh Networks, Rajiv Gupta, as they discuss:

  • The new IT platform - business, technology and competitive forces are radically changing the game and driving the need for a new approach
  • Governance over the new IT platform – central control gives way to a more market oriented form
  • Achieving the elusive triple double – embracing the cloud and enabling your business, while protecting your data
  • Operationalizing cloud governance – the need for need for more effective compliance and control monitoring and auditing

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Building Customer Trust Through Data Privacy
May 8, 2014

Carolyn Holcomb, PwC’s Data Protection and Privacy Leader, Carol DiBattiste, EVP, Chief Legal, Privacy, Security, and Administrative Officer of Education Management Corporation, and Jim Cates, Senior Group Vice President and Secretary of Aaron's, Inc. discuss elevating privacy to the Board level, establishing privacy as a business differentiator, developing strategies for an effective privacy program, and responding to incidents and leveraging the lessons learned to help companies enhance their processes and build customer trust through data privacy.

Entity Close: How to Achieve Speed, Control and Compliance using SAP GRC
April 8, 2014

An improved closing cycle benefits the entire organization. This webcast replay will discuss methods to improve your closing cycle with enhanced control and accountability while also accelerating tasks to reduce closing cycle time. Specifically, the webcast covers:

  • Demonstrations of SAP's GRC solutions which can improve standardization, control, and accountability
  • Opportunities to achieve efficiencies and reduce overhead through automating manual closing activities
  • Specific examples of manual closing activities that can be automated
  • Effective ways to provide centralized access to documents during a closing cycle

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