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Learn more about the top six factors to consider before reconfiguring the physical supply chain network.

Location, location, location

While the e-commerce revolution may mean fewer stores, real estate for distribution and fulfillment has never been in higher demand.


Taking a break: Megadeals and imposed divestitures in the Retail and Consumer sector

Megadeals in the R&C sector have brought increased regulatory scrutiny resulting in many companies divesting assets.

Global Agribusiness

Monthly commentary from our Agribusiness experts around the Globe.
May 2016



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Did you know that the value "leaked" throughout a contract's lifecycle may be as much as 5-15% of the contract's value?
The increased transparency gained through a holistic approach to third party contracts can translate into savings and allow a company to strike better deals in the future.

US retail and consumer deals insights: Q2 2016 update
Retail and consumer deal volume continued its positive trajectory, reaching its highest level in the past four quarters.

2016 Financial Benchmarking and Industry Trends
Changing consumer attitudes, behaviors, and preferences have necessitated dramatic change in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry over the past decade.

Retail & Consumer Sector KnowledgeBrief: Technical and Quality Newsletter
An annual companion to our KnowledgeBrief newsletter with a focus on market and reporting issues relevant for Retail and Consumer companies.

Consumer Intelligence Series: The Sharing Economy
By unlocking the sharing economy today, can companies transform today's threats into tomorrow's opportunity?

US Total Retail 2016
How retailers can compete in the race for relevance

2015 Retail & Consumer Holiday Outlook
Millennials matter; experience is essential.

An Appetite for M&A: How Food Companies Can Buy and Sell Their Way to Competitive Advantage
Food companies are focusing on capabilities in their mergers, acquisitions and divestitures approaches.

Retailing 2020: Winning in a polarized world
Retailing 2020: Winning in a polarized world identifies economic drivers that will shape the future US retail landscape and success factors winning retailers and suppliers will likely need to manage to drive growth in the retail landscape of 2020.

Retail & consumer sector: KnowledgeBrief: Technical and quality newsletter
In this edition of the R&C KnowledgeBrief, we share the following:
Accounting considerations relevant to R&C clients; specifically, considerations for assessing asset groups in performing impairment analyses, and accounting considerations for payments to customers
A standard setting update related to a recent EITF consensus on the accounting model for prepaid stored-value cards

r&c worlds express - Food trust: From compliance to competitive advantage
When it comes to online shopping, Chinese consumers’ enthusiasm seems to have no bounds, as they were once again the Internet’s most avid shoppers, based on results from PwC’s 2013 Total Retail survey. Chinese shoppers shopped more often and on more devices than any other respondents. And their reasons for purchasing online? Serious bargain hunting led the way.

Stay informed 2015 SEC comment letter trends Retail & Consumer
This publication provides an analysis of SEC comment letters issued to registrants across the Retail and Consumer industry. Business challenges, changes, and opportunities, together with ongoing regulatory developments in the financial reporting environment, underscore the need for continued focus on high quality and transparent financial reporting. Understanding where the SEC staff focuses their review is an important consideration in the year-end reporting process.

US retail and consumer deals insights: Q3 2015 update
The US Retail & Consumer sector experienced a strong third quarter in 2015 for M&A activity, which was driven by 11 mega deals (deals with a value of over $1 billion), worth $39.7 billion.

Turnaround and transformation in cybersecurity: Retail and consumer
Key findings from The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2016

Retail & Consumer highlights from PwC's 6th Annual Digital IQ Survey
How digital is the Retail & Consumer industry?

Consumer Intelligence Series: The Sharing Economy
By unlocking the sharing economy today, can companies transform today's threats into tomorrow's opportunity? What must incumbents and challengers do to position themselves ahead of disruption and to capitalize on new sources of revenue? Through consumer surveys, conversations with influencers, interviews with business executives and social listening, PwC's research presents a holistic view of what's unfolding across business and consumer landscapes.

Payments on the go: Making sense of the evolving mobile payments industry
Mobile payment systems have had trouble gaining traction and acceptance, but now may be the time to cash in.

Consumer Intelligence Series: Customer care evolution
For customer care, problem resolution matters most. But there are other factors that shape a consumer's perception of a company. In fact, consumers penalize companies for a poor experience more than they reward them for a good one. PwC studied the consumer attitudes and preferences towards the various channels of customer care available today, and identifies areas companies can action.

Inventory management in the retail industry – an intricate balancing act
For retailers, inventory management should take a top spot at the executive table, and when it doesn’t, you could confidently assume it’s a sign of mismanagement.

Working capital opportunities in the retail and consumer sectors
In the three years following the financial crisis, the largest global companies experienced a strong rebound in sales growth. However, since 2011 this growth has slowed down considerably, indicating that a return to consistent growth will be harder to achieve going forward. While there are many factors that can affect a company’s ability to grow, we know that both cash and investment are essential to sustaining this growth.

Cybersecurity challenges in an interconnected world
Key findings from The Global State of Information Security Survey 2015.

Retail & Consumer Insights: Addressing consumer needs in an aging, more urban world
Demographic shifts and rapid urbanization are the twin engines of change driving global economies. They are powerful forces that are redefining consumer shopping and product preferences. As these trends unfold in tandem, they are creating a paradox: The world is quickly becoming larger—and simultaneously smaller.

Healthcare’s new entrants: Who will be healthcare’s
As the $2.8 trillion US healthcare ecosystem transforms into a technology-enabled and consumer-focused market, companies from outside the industry are moving fast to capitalize on the change. From large retail, technology and telecommunications enterprises to nimble start-ups, these new entrants are poised to radically change how care is accessed, delivered, managed and funded, diverting billions of dollars from traditional healthcare organizations and building lucrative new markets in the burgeoning New Health Economy.

Achieving Total Retail Consumer expectations driving the new retail business model
Global shoppers want a unified customer experience with retailers. PwC’s Global Retail and Consumer practice surveyed over 15,000 shoppers in 15 territories to understand and compare consumer shopping behaviors and the use of different retail channels.

Answering your cybersecurity questions: Significant cybersecurity challenges reinforce the need for continued action.
There continues to be systematic security issues with retailers in the United States. A number of recent high-profile data breaches demonstrate that cyberattacks on retail and consumer organizations are increasing in number. This piece discusses what boards and management can do to better position their companies to handle cybersecurity events. It also covers threat actors who exploit retailers via cyberspace, and provides questions to consider in the early weeks of 2014.