Omnichannel retailing

The convergence of physical formats, online formats and digital tools enables consumers to browse and purchase products through any channel of their preference on a 24/7 basis, anywhere at any time. For retailers, the notion of omnichannel branding and consistently delivering a seamless experience across channels presents some distinct challenges, while also creating unique opportunities. Expert use of business intelligence tools, coupled with a profound understanding of shoppers’ needs and experiences in real time, will give organizations a competitive advantage in the age of what PwC is calling Total Retail.  Total Retail means two things:  a unified brand story across all channels that promises a consistently superior customer experience and an integrated back-office operating model with agile and innovative technology.

How PwC can help

Our total retail team helps organizations with:

  • A customer experience strategy
  • Customer insights and analytics
  • Technology transformation
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Organizational design

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