International expansion

Competitive pressures, aging domestic consumers, margin/growth pressures and a saturated domestic market are encouraging companies to pursue opportunities internationally. The flattening of the global world through new technologies is fueling this trend, which means that companies can more easily handle operations on a global scale that were once thought to be too complex. In order to succeed, companies need to ensure they are knowledgeable on the region's social/cultural/ geopolitical climate, its pricing and tax structures, and that they understand consumer market behaviors. Organizations need to think and act locally while operating globally.

How PwC can help

Our team helps companies navigate the realities of today’s changing world and can help drive growth through expansion — expansion to new markets and expansion/realignment to address today’s new consumer by:

  • Driving global growth through a strategy that captures the benefits of global markets by choosing the right market and implementing the appropriate business models for these new markets
  • Assessing company strategy on operations, products and vendors
  • Embedding the consumer/customer behavior/wants into organizational strategic plans
  • Evaluating product portfolio to evaluate opportunities for innovation and realignment
  • Establishing proper KPIs/measures and tracking mechanisms to provide visibility and assess ongoing performance against objectives; report progress
  • Performing a readiness and risk analysis and a project plan for execution

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