Information security

Confidence is high
74% of Retail & Consumer respondents of the PwC Global State of Information Security Survey say their security activities are effective, with top execs even more optimistic.

Effective IT management for maintaining privacy and data protection requires the development of a detailed data security plan to safeguard sensitive company and customer data, especially in today’s evolving business landscape. Having the proper strategy in place can shift a company from a reactive posture to a proactive one and ensure that IT investments are properly supported, and balanced by the right systems, processes and people. Retail & consumer companies that take a more proactive approach to IT management can minimize security breaches and financial losses and protect their company’s reputation and core brand equity.

How PwC can help

Our security team works with companies to help business and IT leaders anticipate, create, and manage change — translating it into true value for the business by:

  • Enabling IT to help transform the business by increasing agility, profitability, talent retention and shareholder value — and supporting the resulting changes
  • Identifying desired operational efficiencies and help IT implement the necessary key performance indicators
  • Streamlining company value chains to better leverage business process data and enable more rapid decision-making
  • Addressing the company’s unique risks by finding sensitive data, determining who has access, understanding threats, removing it from high-risk uses, and building protections for today’s business model
  • Developing and implementing a detailed data security plan
  • Testing, monitoring, and updating protection capabilities
  • Providing guidance on how the IT function can be better prepared to response to business crises (such as identify theft and data loss), and prevent or mitigate future occurrences

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