Digital transformation

For retailers, technology is a game–changing trend
80% rate technological advances as one of the top three global trends they believe will transform their business over the next five years.

Digital transformation significantly impacts retail and consumer companies with its ability to fully utilize the latest technologies. The entire supplier to customer value chain is experiencing greater interaction and productivity through the use of social media, smartphones, image processing verification tools (IPVT) and tablet computers with the result being explosive growth in B2B interchange. New and better technology will continue to allow companies to expand their reach with multichannel commerce and business analytics to drive decision making in unprecedented ways.

How PwC can help

Our business consultants and strategists understand digital transformation and successfully guide companies by helping them manage state-of-the-art technology with a clear vision of the future by:

  • Increasing company understanding of the value of digital innovation
  • Helping to develop overall strategy using our broad analytical, technical and business expertise.
  • Helping to manage, analyze and secure available digital data.
  • Developing short-term tactical and longer-term strategic recommendations.
  • Providing a roadmap and supporting business case including the target cost-benefit of various digital solutions.
  • Optimizing media spend management effectiveness.

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