Download the 2013 Financial Performance Report: Growth strategies - Unlocking the power of the consumer

We are pleased to present the 2013 Financial Performance Report from PwC and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), Growth strategies: Unlocking the power of the consumer.

At last, it’s time for growth – do you know where (or even who) your customers are? But the rub is that there’s no one best way to understand the consumer, nor has any enterprising entrepreneur ever figured out a sure-fire way to know exactly what consumers want.

In fact, generations of business leaders had ample reason to mistrust consumer sentiment. Gathering customer data used to be a long and laborious process, with the information already outdated before it could be acted on. And without the acute taste of a Jobs or the engineering genius of a Ford, customer insights were hard to come by.

But how to capitalize on the ephemeral relationship between consumer and CPG, whether it be via a social networking site visit, a retail partner in an emerging market, or a purchase from a company’s website? This year’s report tries to answer that very big question and this webcast will focus on how manufacturers can better:

  • Connecting with consumers and identifying their changing needs
  • Increasing engagement with the consumer
  • Innovation that goes direct to the consumer