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US Total Retail 2016 

Discover how to compete in the race for relevance.

Do convenient pick-up and delivery options rank high among buyers? How much influence does social media have over clicking the “buy” button? Mobile commerce and online shopping remain strong, yet US consumers also seek compelling in-store experiences that encourage breaks from sofas and screens. How are shoppers navigating stores? How much do consumers value a sales rep’s deep product knowledge? Explore the answers to these questions and more in our US Total Retail 2016 key findings as well as related videos.  


 US Retail and Consumer Leader, Steve Barr, presents US Total Retail 2016 findings.


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PwC Retail and Consumer is a leading financial accounting, tax and advisory practice serving a broad spectrum of service, merchandising and manufacturing organizations. High-growth tech start-ups, food manufacturers and retail outlets are among countless organizations that rely on our integrated knowledge and tailored solutions to succeed nationally or globally. Let Retail and Consumer’s world-class capabilities help you define and achieve your goals. Connect with us today.   

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